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Responsible for this website

Ralf Schmid
Ludwigstraße 91
70197 Stuttgart, Germany

Tel. +49 (0)1577 / 1706644


First of all I would like to assure that I do not have the slightest interest in your confidential data, so consequently I do not collect any. If you send me a mail I find out your mail address and in case you expect an answer, you need to let me know your name, because I do not talk seriously to persons who hide behind a pseudonym. That’s all, I prefer not to know more.

I use the open source software Matomo for statistical evaluation of this website. Provided that you set up your browser accordingly, it records your visit, which is commonly described as tracking.

  • The collected data is consistently impersonal: Display device, screen resolution, type and version of your browser, your operating system, date and time of your visit and the referring site if you did not access this website directly.
  • As your IP address is considered to be a confidential date it is anonymised by 2-byte-encryption. for example is shortened to, out of which, in terms of figures, result 255,255 IP adresses that could lead to this encryption. Even with malicious intent it is not possibe to draw conclusions as to your network or even to you personally.
  • Most of the reasonably modern browsers offer an option to suppress any tracking. I have set up Matomo to respect this decision. If you chose »no tracking« (or however described in your browser) your data will not be recorded. You can see and change your current tracking settings in the following box generated by Matomo:

Data storage
All received information remain in my possession and will not be transferred to third parties or to third countries. The anonymised Matomo log files are deleted irreversibly after 30 days.